Representative & Interschool Sport


Representative School Sport

Kawungan State School is affiliated with the Hervey Bay Zone Primary School Sport Association.  This association oversees all sporting matters at the Hervey Bay zone level, there are ten member schools, both state and non-state.

Hervey Bay Zone conducts three major sporting trials each year.  Students turning 9, 10, 11 and 12 in the current school year are eligible for selection in the following individual sports.  Selection is based on individual student achievements at each of our interhouse sports carnivals.  Interhouse carnivals are held 3 to 4 weeks prior to the Hervey Bay Zone trials.  Dates for our Interhouse carnivals will be advertised on our school calendar.

  • Zone cross country trial – May

  • Zone track and field trial – August

  • Zone interschool swimming carnival – November

Team sports are also represented at a zone level.  Throughout the year, trials for many team sports are held for students turning 10, 11 or 12 in that school year.  Students will be notified of upcoming school based trials through class notices, assemblies and Physical Education lessons.  Trial dates will also be advertised on the school calendar whenever possible.  School based trials are generally conducted by the Physical Education teacher.  Successful Kawungan students will be given an invitation to attend the zone sport trial. Trials will normally occur at the coach or managers’ base school and are always held after school.  Selected players will form a Hervey Bay Zone team with the representative zone team competing at the Wide Bay Regional trial.

At Kawungan we encourage our students to strive to do their best, play fair and love the sport/s they participate in.  Our P & C operate a grants program for successful Wide Bay Regional and Queensland state representatives.  Further information can be found at Sports Funding.

Hervey Bay Zone Gala Days

Year 5, 6 and 7 students are involved in the Hervey Bay Zone Gala Days.  Gala days are conducted throughout the year and give students the opportunity to both learn and develop skills in their chosen sport.  Each gala day has three lead up sessions timetabled during 2 -3pm on a Friday afternoon.  The gala day is a full day program.  Students are selected in school teams and play a series of games throughout the day against other primary schools in our zone.

Sports and a general time in the year are listed below.  Parents will receive information regarding the gala day prior to the event.

Year 6 Term 1     Rugby league, mixed touch football, netball, football (soccer), hockey

Year 5, Term 3   Rugby league, mixed touch football, netball, mixed football (soccer), mixed AFL

Year 6 Term 3     Oz tag, boys & girls AFL, softball, basketball, cricket

Last reviewed 20 April 2020
Last updated 20 April 2020